• 1 integrity

    we stand behind our products and services, at checkpoint there are no hidden surprises or costs.

  • 2 accountabiltiy

    we are customer focused in our approach we always strive to satisfy the needs of the customer without excuse, above all else! 

  • 3 affordability

    we offer cost effective freight solutions. We'll do what we can to make your budget work, for the shipment at hand.  

  • 4 accuracy

    we strive to be accurate, in all that we do. In logistics, vechicles don't move shipments documents move shipments. 

Mission statement

While the global market is becoming more accessible every day, driven by the free flow of information, goods, services, investments and ideas. we believe winning in today's international markets will require a committed partner in helping achieving these goals by offering you a better quality, lower prices, faster service, innovative ideas, clear consistent and precise solutions.

Our mission will be the development of our quality and 'affordable' cargo/courier products, exceptional customer service, updated technology, informed and professional staff and the basic prinicipals of fairness and accountability. our approach will be rather unique, as we know it's when you can deliver a service that it really counts. and it takes time to develop the ability to do that. so our search will be one of continuous improvement or rather we think of it as 'the dalily pursuit of perfection'. We will endeavor in many ways to deliver on our promises so that you can keep your commitments to your valued customers. as your trading partner we would like to be involved from the "get-go" of your concept, innovation and your successful solution.

Our service is not just a promise, nor even a goal, it is a standard!